Lucy Tevlin predominantly makes projected image installations. She explores how and why trust is placed in certain forms of technology or language, and her work also examines and exploits the precarious nature of analogue photographic media. These concerns are articulated through recursive strategies, making the self-referential elements productive. Her works often incorporate material references to the form or organisational structures of technical and scientific documents and focus on the relationship between image, text, acts of reading and processes of interpretation.

Lucy Tevlin received a BA in Fine Art from TU Dublin in 2019 and completed IADT’s ARC (Art Research Collaboration) MA in 2021. Exhibitions and awards include Origins, St Carthage Hall, Lismore Castle Arts (2019), Fire Station Artists’ Studios Digital Media Graduate Award (2019), Image Now: Multimedia Award in Fine Art (2019) and Cohost, an online exhibition supported by the Lab Gallery, Dublin (2021). She was selected for Meath County Council Professional Artists Development Fund (2019).

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